Welcome to Ecology & Remote Sensing Research Group!

Ecology & Remote Sensing Research Group (EcoRS) is a team of researchers at the International Institute for Earth System Sciences, Nanjing University.

We study the interactions between atmosphere and terrestrial ecosystem using remote sensing techniques and carbon cycle models. In particular, novel technique such as Sun-Induced chlorophyll Fluorescence (SIF) is our primary focus. We focus three Key Research Areas:
SIF workshop in Seoul, South Korea
研究组在高耗能工业CO2排放遥感监测方面取得重要进展,博士生王松寒研究论文被地学权威期刊Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmosphere接受!祝贺...
研究组博士生章钊颖研究论文被全球变化权威期刊Global Change Biology 接受!祝贺!
研究组博士生宋练关于小麦高温热害的研究论文被Global Change Biology接受。祝贺!
我们利用最新的日光诱导叶绿素荧光实现了区域尺度上生态系统模型关键生化参数的反演,成果发表在Remote Sensing of Environment上。