Welcome to Ecology & Remote Sensing Research Group at Nanjing University!

Ecology & Remote Sensing Research Group (EcoRS) is a team of researchers at the International Institute for Earth System Sciences, Nanjing University.

We study the interactions between atmosphere and terrestrial ecosystem using remote sensing techniques and carbon cycle models. In particular, novel technique such as Sun-Induced chlorophyll Fluorescence (SIF) is our primary focus. We focus three Key Research Areas:

  • Building a remote sensing network of SIF and spectral measurements for terrestrial ecosystem to bridge the gap between satellite data and field measurements

  • Monitoring vegetation photosynthesis using the remote sensing of SIF and ecosystem models across multiple scales

  • Applications of remote sensing of SIF involving the monitor of climate extremes impacts on carbon cycle and the retrieval of key biochemical parameters

Long-term terretrial GPP product during 1982-2018
A paper by our PhD. student, Songhan Wang, was accepted by Nature Ecology & Evolution
A new way to model terrestrial transpiration flux from SIF